Since 2013 until today, the main lines of business are wholesale of clothing, footwear and accessories — stock category STOCK and SECOND HAND.

          Our company offers to its customers the most popular and dynamically developing lines of clothing and footwear trade — STOCK and SECOND HAND clothing categories. A term “Stock” can be interpreted as “remaining stock”, but to be more precise, these are new products from manufacturer's warehouses or shops. SECOND HAND means clothes that have been worn before and are not a new product.

        The company has examined this market very well these days. Many years of experience in clothing and footwear wholesale business have given an invaluable practical experience in trade and competition area that we want to share with you.

          We offer wide range of branded products both for women, men and children: GAS, CATBALOU, GUESS, COS, H&M, ADIDAS, NIKE, PUMA and others. In our warehouse you will find a wide range of products: jeans, cardigans, sweaters, trousers, dresses, boots, sports footwear, bags, rucksacks, hats, shawls etc.

          Our sales specialists will consult about questions of your interest: quality, assortment, logistics, arrangement of customs documents and others.

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